Inbound Visa Services

Kaplan and Trombi makes the complicated visa process virtually effortless for our clients. We provide our clients with step-by-step, tailored guidance on whatever is needed along the way. We prepare all necessary petitions for our clients and carefully walk them through the notoriously challenging visa application. We also schedule the best visa appointment dates for our clients at U.S. embassies and consulates around the globe.

Kaplan and Trombi prepares its clients for their interviews with utmost care, providing any and all important information and documents required for the interview. Throughout this time, our office consistently monitors any changes in our clients’ cases or in the law to prevent any surprises at the interview.

Our visa agent is on the ground in London to meet applicants outside the Embassy to ensure everything goes smoothly. After the interview, we facilitate a safe return of our clients’ passports back home.

As technology and lifestyles continue to change, Kaplan and Trombi keeps pace with the needs of clientele worldwide. Our in-depth knowledge of the law and exclusive client treatment makes our total visa application services stand prominently above the rest. Make your move to the U.S. as easy and stress-free as possible by calling or emailing us today.


Next Steps

If you believe an O-1 visa may be right for you, contact Kaplan and Trombi to schedule a consultation. One of our immigration lawyers will review your credentials and advise you. With our in-depth knowledge and superior client treatment, Kaplan and Trombi makes the visa process as painless as possible.